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Pickwicks Loose Leaf Tea

At Pickwicks we love tea.  Our mission is to convert all the teabag users to loose leaf tea, the difference in flavour is spectacular!

We currently stock one of the largest selections of tea in Suffolk and are confident you will find something you'll love.

To make the choice simpler you can sample all our teas within the cafe before buying a bag to take home.

Here is a selection of our current tea list, a full list is available from our counter

Tea picker in Malaysia
Black Tea

 Assam Teloijan PF

Assam Diral G.B.O.P


Ceylon Dimbula B.O.P

Ceylon OP

Ceylon Decaf

Darjeeling FTGFOP

Earl Grey Large Leaf

Earl Grey Blue Lady

English Breakfast B.O.P.

English Breakfast P.F

Kenya P.F

Nilgiri O.P.

Pickwicks Special Blend          

Russian Caravan

Assam P.F

Assam F.T.G.F.O.P


Ceylon O.P

Earl Blue Lady


Lapsang Souchong

Rose Congou

Spiced Christmas Tea (seasonal)

Green Tea

China Sencha                         Green Gunpowder

Jasmine Blosson                     Young Hyson

Green Tea with Mango         

Loose leaf tea is different
Herbal and Fruit Infusions

Pure Chamomile                          Egyptian Mint

Peppermint Herb                         Bouquet Royal

Rooibos                                        Vanilla Rooibos

Brazillian Mate

Flavoured Black Tea

Almond               Apple                                          Peach                    Cinnamon

Ginger                  Wild Cherry     

Orange Spice       Mango

Having the best coffee beans is only half the story, we also stock all the equipment you need to get the best out of our coffee.

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