Coffee Bean Heaven in Ipswich

If you are passionate about coffee or a recent convert from instant then Pickwicks has a treat for you...

Your adventure into the Pickwicks world of coffee starts at the merchant counter.  We source our coffee from local, independent roasters who supply us in small batches to ensure the freshest and most flavoursome cup.

With over fifty types of coffee beans to choose from, many from small single estates and independent farmers, you are sure to find a new and exciting taste.


To find your way through this new world we publish a current coffee list which is available at the counter.


Here is a small taster of the coffee beans we currently stock, each can be ground to suit your preferred brewing method

Medium Roast Coffee

Cafe Imperial

Kenyan Nyeri

Ethiopia Mocha Medium

Kenya Peaberry

Columbia Agustino Forest

Costa Rica S.H.B

Kenya AA


Two of Our Best
Coffee Beans Bursting with Flavour

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Rich Roast

Brazil Rio Valleys

Guatamala Cloud Forest

High Roast

Sumatra Gegarang


Four Bean Espresso

Ethiopia Mocha Limu

Ethiopia Mocha High

Java Jampit

Pickwicks Trial Winners

Every year we trial many new coffee beans to find a short list of our customers' favourites.  The following are our trial winners

Mexican Terruno Nayrita Reserva

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Tanzania AA

Peru Aymara

Click Here for Our Full Coffee List

Having the best coffee beans is only half the story, we also stock all the equipment you need to get the best out of our coffee.